Transformational technologies that meet your future needs

Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions are a natural fit for private cloud deployments. By tightly integrating compute, storage, networking and management resources in a highly virtualized architecture, convergence provides cloud-like ease of use and simplicity.

Convergence enables your organization to:

  • Standardize your IT environment
  • Increase IT efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Minimize planned downtime


At Applied Computer Solutions, our solutions are built from individual components that have been pre-configured and validated to work together. This approach shortens deployment time, reduces risk and provides centralized support.

With an architectural plan in place, we can help you evaluate various converged and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. We consider not only the features and capabilities of each solution but also your in-house expertise, existing investments, and future needs. Our vendor-agnostic approach helps ensure that the solution we architect will meet your specific requirements.